INSIST: Clients

Our bias is towards servicing Indian conglomerates.

Indian Business houses prefer INSIST

It appears as though INSIST was born to serve primarily Indian business conglomerates. 80% of our pre-occupation is Indian business houses. The firm thrives in working with the Founding Families, Board, Chairman, NRC, CEO and HR Directors. Our Indian clients have invariably grown beyond the threshold of a direct family control and require professional leadership to lead the future of their businesses. Our clients span traditional long-established business houses and the mid-market companies.

Compatibility aspects with Indian Business Houses

Indian business houses prefer working with INSIST simply because INSIST is result-oriented. We are one of the rare firms which understands the intellect, hard-work and animal spirits which have gone behind the success of Indian business houses. The search firm wouldn’t install a theoretical ‘talk-head’ and spoil the fabric of the Indian business house, instead the firm identifies nondescript talent but with enormous execution capabilities.

Benefits Delivered

Indian business houses have benefitted because we have carried forward the spirit of time management, cost management, commercial astuteness into the candidates we have brought forward. We have worked successfully with some of the most belligerent & fast growing Indian business houses and some of the most respectful and well-established conglomerates equally.

Cost we have paid !

Our obsession with Indian business houses has also resulted in a cost that we have paid – changing specs and changing goal posts. We have accommodated the changes even after the products are shipped out.