INSIST: Operandi

INSIST Search methodology is competitive & delivered at a rapid pace : Our approach hinges on the following tenets :


We go to the nth level of detailing in the Position document, match the candidate background with equal finesse and reaffirm the same in reference checks. We are known for the specifics & the unknowns we unearth.


We bring in the moral courage to uproot well-entrenched candidates and pursue until we find out what will attract them.


We are hard-nosed in our interview language focusing on KPIs delivered by candidates in areas such as earnings, returns, costs et. al. Softer skills are factored in but falls behind in the emphasis.


We understand that our client industry is fast changing. Digital Tech, particularly AI is a revolution & not a fad. We seek leaders who can adapt.


We waste very little time to develop universe of sleek sounding names. Instead we dive into few dogged high performers for whom things are always looking up.


Has 3 dimensions – International; Allied Industry and ‘n-1’ layer.