INSIST: Paradigm

INSIST has led the paradigm shift in the Executive Search space, starting from questioning the very edifice of the search process namely research targets, evaluation metrics and going all the way to drafting employment contracts with candidates and closure of assignments. Please read on:

Coverage Syndrome

Global firms have instituted this culture of providing the universe of candidates as a long-list. They pick huge number of passive names to impress coverage. On the contrary, INSIST works with fewer names of active candidates.

Visibility Effects

Global firms drive structured search process, which land up with visible candidates who have constantly pushed themselves in conference forums & events. INSIST recommends candidates, one layer lower than the poster boys – giving them this huge opportunity to evolve through a career shift.

Proximity Misnomer

On a global search, it is important to stay closer in talks with line hiring managers within the client organization. Global offices closer to the talent have a disconnect. INSIST doesn’t handover Indian clients to remote global offices. INSIST accesses databases which are secular, universal and commonly available independent of where the search is centered.

Evaluation Pitfalls

Standardized searches pick the obvious choice. There is no point in picking leaders who have climaxed out. Searches have to work below the radar and identify candidates who have the burn in them but not burnt-out. INSIST works on the paradigm : Spit & Polish plus Performance.

Our Firm’s belief

A search firm should know the heartbeat of a client’s business. A partner leading the search should have a mindset that he/she is in the shoes of the hiring manager. The firm should present candidates who are better than the internal choice. The candidates should like acceleration and not steady state. INSIST believes in results and not just the elegance of the process.