INSIST: Purpose

INSIST was formed with an objective to change the way the corporates hire leadership talent. The Executive Search services will be delivered by INSIST differently as explained under:

INternational Search by Default: Brain-gain

INSIST by default extends search efforts beyond India, to key international markets. We prevail upon the clients to look at International candidate options because they bring in the scale, tech, mindset, diverse thinking and domain expertise. For every search, there would be a bunch of candidates from India stacked alongside International candidates. For the jargon minded, we can call it ‘Brain-gain’ as contrasted to ‘Brain-drain’.

Innovation: Out-of-the-Box Quotient

Even if we get the right talent on the table, it takes some heuristics to get the finalist right. INSIST will evaluate candidates for innovation and execution skills and not just tick them in because of length of experience or corporate pedigree.

Specialised Talent: Trade Experts

INSIST works with clients to bring in specialized talent and not just general management talent. Particularly in areas of R&D, Product Engineering, Digital Transformation, Material Science and Smart City Infrastructure, India Inc needs highly specialized skills to be sourced from outside India and of course sometimes within India.

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INSIST stands for International search for innovative and specialized talent.