INSIST: Skills

INSIST is an assembly of 30 consultants. 20 of them engrossed in research to identify specialized global Indian origin talent and global expat talent. The skills and temperament the team brings in are unique:


INSIST would comprehend, define and develop a position document during the pre-engagement phase with the client for every Executive Search mandate in a manner which mirrors the candidate probing the position on offer. The document nudges the right candidates to explore the opportunity.

Expanded coverage

It is a no brainer to target companies within the same industry for identifying competent talent. INSIST plays this particular aspect differently. For every search, INSIST would develop equal number of candidates from within the industry and outside the industry, but with relevant business models. So the coverage – one, being global and two, being broad-based beyond the industry in question adds to the dimension of diversity.


Most leadership candidates know how to communicate well. They have the spit-and-polish, jargons and personality to sway the interviewers. INSIST goes two levels deeper: One is the current job performance - INSIST evaluates candidates based on KPIs achieved. Next, INSIST digs into the critical incidents which the candidate has gone through. The experiences of events such as product launches, greenfield projects, access to capital markets, regulatory interface and other episodal events are a barometer to the energy brought in.


Most searches fail or succeed not because of the candidate being right or otherwise, but more because how the candidate was tied into the job on a long-term basis. INSIST specializes in designing long-term compensation packages which has cash, stock, performance and shareholder return factored in.

The temperament piece

While executing the assignments, INSIST always works with multiple team members engaged in every aspect of the execution starting from client brief, conference calls, candidate evaluation and final appointment. This brings in a collective wisdom play.