INSIST: Track-record

INSIST has not been entirely lucky to be handed out quote-unquote “Glamorous assignments from the developed world. We have worked with Indian corporates through their journey of growth and worked hard behind the scenes to attract top talent. It is easy to attract talent to a Fortune-100 global corporate even if it is for a remote Indian subsidiary. It is demanding to get talent for a corporate originating in India but aspiring global growth. That’s where we have played our game.”

Some examples of searches carried out by INSIST team members:

Indian origin Global Services & Digital Tech provider

A multibillion dollar Indian origin corporate, selling 70% of its services in US, Europe & Japan hired its CEO through our search efforts.

Global Industrial Conglomerate

This is a group with multibillion dollar commodities play and downstream manufacturing resulting in value-added products. INSIST team was instrumental in hiring Group CEO & his top lieutenants.

Automotive Components major

President for this company with an objective to lead the change for the next decade. To virtually double the revenue every 5 years through enhancement of product portfolio and leading the company into the territory of producing electronics, systems & solutions for the new gen cars.

Private Equity sponsored Investee companies

INSIST has worked alongside some of the best known Global PE firms. The team from INSIST has perhaps the most enviable track-record in installing CEO & lieutenants for Investee companies spanning Healthcare, IT, Manufacturing & Consumer industry.